5 Positive Daily-Life Habits I Learned In Recovery

Our language is rich, it allows us to have many meanings for one word, and that’s part of how unique we are. If you say ‘addiction’ to a drug addict, or an alcoholic you will get many reactions; some will be defensive, some will be denial, some will be resignation, truth to be told, many feelings will hit them at once. But you’ll find that they are experts in that topic in their own way; they’ve experienced the cost, and some of them have paid the price until they’ve decided it was time to recover, where some others keep paying, with their life.

Addiction is a chronic disease, it doesn’t have a cure but it can be treated, the key is knowing yourself and learning how to control your impulses. When you seek to recover you transform your entire story, and things like happiness, control, success don’t seem so distant. The article below is based on what I’ve learned and applied for my life after I went through rehab, and even though every person is unique today I would like to share with you 5 extremely positive life habits that I learned when I was walking through the recovery path.

Talk It Out

Recovery is a journey of self-discovery and learnings, one of the most important lessons I received was definitely the ability to recognize the stress and anxiety triggers that in my past, led me towards addiction; and one of the things I learned to control them was talking to myself. Yes, for real.

Whenever I would be in any type of situation where I’d feel a negative emotion, I would just get home, sit down and talk to me, I just went over everything that was on my mind and said it out loud which made it easier for me to sort it out. It’s become somewhat of a ritual every morning, nowadays I wake up and repeat everything I feel grateful for, everything I feel proud to have accomplished and all the great things I have in my life. It’s a habit that reminds me how lucky I am to be alive.

Work It Out

It was something almost unthinkable during my addiction years, after I went through my addiction recovery path, I started to exercise regularly. It can vary from running with my dog through the park, going to my local gym once or twice a week or even go to a soccer game with my friends. Nowadays I exercise daily.

Exercising means helping your brain produce endorphins, and helping yourself be fitter, healthier and stronger. Exercise is a natural and effective way to fight sadness and depression, exercising frequently will also help you boost your self-confidence, optimism and be less anxious overall.


Addiction is a lonely disease, it isolates us from everyone and everything, and only when we recover we find how much we distanced ourselves from who we loved.  Connecting with other people (as long as they are positive connections) is one of the best habits that I learned from rehab.

Being able to connect is being able to love, so embrace it and be with your community, your family, your significant other, your friends, even your pets. Feel free to love.

Have Fun

Sobriety has been a different road, a fun road no matter what many people think, it was a conscious choice and I actually enjoy a life without alcohol. I realized that the goal in my life is to be happy and to have fun. Good habits that you manage to repeat every day make your life brighter.

Get used to doing things you enjoy, try new activities, maybe yoga, meditation, a new sport or even a book club! Pick up habits you used to have in high school or in college and left behind. Treating your mind and your body right is one of the best habits I learned in addiction recovery and it’s an amazing way to feel fulfilled, it will increase your confidence and it will probably give you some great new friends as well.  

Give Back

Addiction rehabilitation is possible because we put ourselves in the hands of a team of professionals, great people who help us come back from the black abyss that addiction is. One of the goals of a support group is that within time and recovery, you are able to become a sponsor and help others that are in the same position that you were before.

Giving back gives you a feeling of belonging, it lets you understand that you are meant for greater things, and that it’s on your hands to actually make a difference. Try a local organization, volunteer for charity, a help- line or a school. Remember that we can change the world by little actions.

Here you have them, 5 positive life habits for you to try to make your life more constructive and fulfilling. Do you have any suggestions or positive life habits? Leave a comment below.