choosing right bumper plates

tomicmass Bumper Plates for Home gym

choosing right bumper plates

At AtomicMass, we pride ourselves on producing high end bumper plates that provide the ultimate in performance, quality, durability and aesthetics. Bumper plates are made with virgin black rubber, meaning that the rubber has not been recycled, degraded or mixed with polymers, glues or other bonding agents. Lesser quality bumper plates are often made from a cocktail of different rubber types and chemicals – you can count on quality with AtomicMass rubber bumper plates because we always use high quality production materials. Due to the fact that AtomicMass uses high quality materials in the production of bumper plates means that they will perform for years to come without bending, degrading, or weight cracking around the inner ring.

These are all amazing factors but how do you decide which bumper plates are exactly for you? All you need to do is consider three main things before buying a set of bumper plates – current ability, future fitness goals and weight. As long as you keep these three aspects in mind, choosing the right set of bumper plates for you will be a breeze. All AtomicMass bumper plates follow the International Weightlifting Federation (IMF) weight plate colour markings – Green is 10 kg, Yellow 15 kg, Blue 20kg and Red 25 kg. When choosing weights, buy a pair with a weight that you know you are comfortable lifting.

Once you’ve landed on which weights are suitable for you, you’ll want to choose bumper plates that align with your fitness goals and abilities. Are you an athlete looking to compete or are you just starting out with weightlifting? Whichever level you are at and whatever your fitness goals may be, AtomicMass has bumper plates to suit your needs and abilities. AtomicMass offers Olympic rubber coated bumper plates, competition bumper plates, standard bumper plates, HG and Elite coloured stripe bumper plates.

The bumper plates sold at AtomicMass are high performing pieces weightlifting and fitness equipment. The ‘bounce factor’ on our bumper plates also makes them safe and user-friendly for beginning weightlifters. The rubber composition of our bumper plates allows them to absorb the impact of the drop to help protect your barbell, the gym flooring, and yourself. Plus, all AtomicMass bumper plate sets are compatible with our line of high end Olympic standard barbells.