Organizations founded by Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva

The You Are Not Alone Foundation

Founded by Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva in 2002, the You Are Not Alone Foundation is a charitable organization committed to improving the lives of orphaned and abandoned children by providing them with high standards of care and opportunities for a better future through education and skills, as well as vital access to quality medical care and psychological support. The charity’s primary goals are to ensure that children left without parental care grow up in a caring and loving environment, help to unlock children’s potential by providing them with an all-round education and prepare children for independent life, encouraging them to become self-reliant, confident and emotionally stable young adults.

The You Are Not Alone Foundation

Established by Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva in 2002, the You Are Not Alone Foundation is a magnanimous association focused on enhancing the lives of stranded and surrendered youngsters by furnishing them with exclusive requirements of consideration and open doors for a superior future through instruction and abilities, just as imperative access to quality restorative consideration and mental help. The philanthropy’s essential objectives are to guarantee that youngsters left without parental consideration experience childhood in a minding and adoring condition, help to open kids’ potential by giving them an inside and out training and plan kids for autonomous life, urging them to wind up independent, certain and candidly stable youthful grown-ups.

The establishment has started and executed a few substantial scale ventures, assembling, revamping and renovating various Mercy Homes (shelters) in Uzbekistan, furnishing them with the offices and conditions youngsters need to live, develop and get a strong instruction.

From 2010 to 2015 the You Are Not Alone Foundation completed redesign and renovation work in: the Muruvvat halfway house for kids with inabilities in Tashkent; the Tashkent shelter for youngsters younger than three; Chirchik Mercy Home (halfway house) No. 14 and Samarkand Mercy Home No. 10. The establishment has outfitted these beneficent organizations with present day furniture and propelled offices, on account of which the youngsters can live and examine in solace. In 2011, the Kibray shelter for youngsters with serious learning handicaps was furnished with new furnishings and different necessities.

The establishment has likewise managed real migration ventures for Tashkent Mercy Home No. 23 and Samarkand Mercy Home No. 6, on account of which these two shelters presently appreciate fresh out of the box new premises constructed and outfitted by the You Are Not Alone Foundation.

The association puts training at the core of the vast majority of its activities, which try to have a significant and continued effect on kids’ lives.

An Educational Center working under the philanthropy tries to persuade kids brought up in shelters towards higher scholarly benchmarks and better generally speaking conduct and participation and to help build up an inspirational frame of mind towards tutoring, just as to set them up for selection tests in lyceums, schools and colleges.

In association with the National Center for the Social Adaptation of Children (NCSAC), the You Are Not Alone beneficent establishment likewise gives medicinal, instructive and money related help to impaired kids and kids from hindered families, just as to skilled kids who have lacking open doors for improvement.

The establishment additionally gives subsidizing to the treatment of youngsters from halfway houses and low-pay families, including medical procedure awards for kids with genuine therapeutic conditions.

It masterminds standard therapeutic checks for youngsters living in Mercy Homes.

The National Center for the Social Adaptation of Children

The National Center for the Social Adaptation of Children (NCSAC) is a magnanimous association established by Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva in 2004 to give help with the zones of finding, orthopedic and neurological treatment, language instruction and training to kids with handicaps.

There is no other philanthropy in Central Asia devoted to giving such a broad scope of administrations to kids with extraordinary requirements.

The philanthropy endeavors to make a genuine, positive distinction to the lives of kids and to offer essential help to their families and carers, with the objective of helping handicapped youngsters to accomplish their maximum capacity.

Devoted proficient staff – language instructors, uncommon teachers, clinicians, nervous system specialists, restorative exercise pros, orthopedic specialists, masseurs, communication via gestures educators and workmanship advisors – draw up individual improvement programs for each youngster who goes to the middle. These projects are custom fitted to meet each youngster’s requirements based on his or her present quality and concurred need regions of improvement.

To date, more than 7,500 youngsters with handicaps or indications of hindered development have profited from administrations given by the philanthropy.

The middle is fitted with the most recent hardware for the utilitarian recuperation of youngsters experiencing musculoskeletal disarranges; a Lokomat treadmill, Solostep exercise based recuperation gadgets, and standing edges all without a doubt increment the viability of the treatment advertised.

The philanthropy gives wheelchairs, prostheses and hearing gadgets for kids who get treatment at the middle.

Advancing viable, quality instruction for crippled youngsters is another critical zone of the philanthropy’s work, so the Center enables debilitated kids to enlist in government funded schools while additionally creating instructive materials for them.

The philanthropy likewise gives help – including directing and money related help – to guardians of impaired youngsters, with exceptional spotlight on supporting ladies underestimated and misled by their spouses and families in light of their kid’s condition.

One of the philanthropy’s highest needs is to stretch out its work to Uzbekistan’s areas. Parts of the philanthropy are currently ready for action in Samarkand (focal Uzbekistan) and Ferghana (eastern Uzbekistan).

The Karimov Foundation

(Ms Karimova-Tillyaeva is the seat of the Board of Trustees of the Karimov Foundation.)

The Karimov Foundation works programs both in Uzbekistan and abroad with the objective of advancing Uzbekistan’s chronicled, social and scholarly legacy.

The establishment assumes a key job in giving access to instructive chances to youngsters from Uzbekistan through legitimacy based grants granted in different scholarly teaches and fields of study. The grants granted empower propelled understudies to seek after their instruction at probably the best colleges both in Uzbekistan and abroad.

The association likewise designates stipends to help both individual analysts and research ventures being done by organizations to advance regions of training, culture and science in Uzbekistan.

The establishment bolsters programs went for upgrading the perceivability of Uzbek creators and advancing Uzbek writing comprehensively by giving money related help for the interpretation of works of both traditional and contemporary writing.

With the end goal of encouraging and fortifying intercultural trade and making success for nearby networks by celebrating conventional craftsmanship, hundreds of years old abilities and assembling procedures, the association gives guide budgetary help to craftsman bunches who are keeping Uzbekistan’s hundreds of years old, flawless art customs alive.

With the objective of raising the profile of Uzbek contemporary visual expressions, cultivating a national school of workmanship and empowering open energy about and enthusiasm for social issues, the establishment backs presentations, instructive discussions and other social occasions both inside the nation and abroad.

The establishment likewise gives gifts to documentaries, highlights, movies and projects that will deliver issues identified with Uzbekistan’s history, writing, culture and expressions.

The association is engaged with book-distributing exercises with the essential spotlight on works investigating different topics identified with Uzbekistan’s history, customs, expressions, writing and different signs of the scholarly accomplishments of the Uzbek individuals.

In a joint effort with its accomplice association, the You Are Not Alone beneficent association, the Karimov Foundation bolsters programs concentrating on enhancing the lives of powerless vagrants and youngsters with handicaps in Uzbekistan, helping them to understand their maximum capacity and guaranteeing that their rights are maintained and regarded.

The Harmonist

Ms Karimova-Tillyaeva is the visionary behind The Harmonist, an as of late propelled maison de parfums motivated by the old Chinese theory of Feng Shui. The new brand offers 11 signature fragrances, which mirror the double idea of Yin and Yang, the customary Chinese idea of engaging your internal identity and your entire body by carrying it into agreement with your general surroundings. Made by an outstanding French perfumer utilizing the best regular fixings from around the globe, the refined mark fragrances exemplify the five components viewed as the building squares of every normal wonder – metal, fire, earth, water and wood. The Harmonist’s first boutique appeared in Paris in February 2016 pursued by a store in Los Angeles which was propelled in March that year.

As per the brand’s rationality, The Harmonist is focused on supporting magnanimous causes went for creating compelling answers for a portion of the world’s most squeezing issues, for example, giving perfect and safe savoring water creating nations, guaranteeing the sturdiness of clean water sources, expanding network mindfulness about water protection and creating preparing materials for instruction about sanitation and cleanliness.

The foundation has initiated and implemented several large-scale projects, building, renovating and refurbishing a number of Mercy Homes (orphanages) in Uzbekistan, providing them with the facilities and conditions children need to live, grow and receive a solid education.

From 2010 to 2015 the You Are Not Alone Foundation carried out renovation and refurbishment work in: the Muruvvat orphanage for children with disabilities in Tashkent; the Tashkent orphanage for children under the age of three; Chirchik Mercy Home (orphanage) No. 14 and Samarkand Mercy Home No. 10. The foundation has equipped these charitable institutions with modern furniture and advanced facilities, thanks to which the children can live and study in comfort. In 2011, the Kibray orphanage for children with severe learning disabilities was equipped with new furniture and other necessities.

The foundation has also overseen major relocation projects for Tashkent Mercy Home No. 23 and Samarkand Mercy Home No. 6, thanks to which these two orphanages now enjoy brand new premises built and furnished by the You Are Not Alone  Foundation.

The organization puts education at the heart of most of its projects, which seek to have a meaningful and sustained impact on children’s lives.

An Educational Centre working under the charity seeks to motivate children raised in orphanages towards higher academic standards and better overall behaviour and attendance and to help develop a positive attitude towards schooling, as well as to prepare them for entrance examinations in lyceums, colleges and universities.

In partnership with the National Centre for the Social Adaptation of Children (NCSAC), the You Are Not Alone charitable foundation also provides medical, educational and financial assistance to disabled children and children from disadvantaged families, as well as to gifted children who have insufficient opportunities for development.

The foundation also provides funding for the treatment of children from orphanages and low-income families, including surgery grants for children with serious medical conditions.

It arranges regular medical checks for children living in Mercy Homes.

The National Centre for the Social Adaptation of Children

The National Centre for the Social Adaptation of Children (NCSAC) is a charitable organization founded by Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva in 2004 to provide assistance in the areas of diagnosis, orthopaedic and neurological treatment, speech therapy and education to children with disabilities.

There is no other charity in Central Asia dedicated to providing such an extensive range of services to children with special needs.

The charity strives to make a real, positive difference to the lives of children and to offer vital support to their families and carers, with the goal of helping disabled children to attain their full potential.

Dedicated professional staff – speech therapists, special educators, psychologists, neurologists, therapeutic exercise specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, masseurs, sign-language teachers and art therapists – draw up individual development programmes for every child who comes to the centre. These programmes are tailored to fit every child’s needs on the basis of his or her current strength and agreed priority areas of development.

To date, over 7,500 children with disabilities or signs of stunted growth have benefited from services provided by the charity.

The centre is fitted with the latest equipment for the functional recovery of children suffering from musculoskeletal disorders; a Lokomat treadmill, Solostep physical therapy devices, and standing frames all undoubtedly increase the effectiveness of the treatment offered.

The charity provides wheelchairs, prostheses and hearing devices for children who receive therapy at the centre.

Promoting effective, quality education for disabled children is another important area of the charity’s work, so the Centre helps disabled children enrol in public schools while also developing educational materials for them.

The charity also provides assistance – including counselling and financial help – to parents of disabled children, with special focus on supporting women marginalized and victimized by their husbands and families because of their child’s condition.

One of the charity’s uppermost priorities is to extend its work to Uzbekistan’s regions. Branches of the charity are now up and running in Samarkand (central Uzbekistan) and Ferghana (eastern Uzbekistan).

The Karimov Foundation

(Ms Karimova-Tillyaeva is the chair of the Board of Trustees of the Karimov Foundation.)

The Karimov Foundation operates programmes both in Uzbekistan and abroad with the goal of promoting Uzbekistan’s historical, cultural and literary heritage.

The foundation plays a key role in providing access to educational opportunities for young people from Uzbekistan through merit-based scholarships awarded in various academic disciplines and fields of study. The scholarships awarded enable advanced students to pursue their education at some of the best universities both in Uzbekistan and abroad.

The organization also allocates grants to support both individual researchers and research projects being carried out by institutions to promote areas of education, culture and science in Uzbekistan.

The foundation supports programmes aimed at enhancing the visibility of Uzbek authors and promoting Uzbek literature globally by granting financial assistance for the translation of works of both classical and contemporary literature.

With a view to fostering and strengthening intercultural exchange and creating prosperity for local communities by celebrating traditional art, centuries-old skills and manufacturing techniques, the organization provides direct financial assistance to artisan groups who are keeping Uzbekistan’s centuries-old, exquisite craft traditions alive.

With the goal of raising the profile of Uzbek contemporary visual arts, fostering a national school of art and encouraging public appreciation of and interest in cultural matters, the foundation backs exhibitions, educational debates and other cultural events both inside the country and abroad.

The foundation also provides grants for documentaries, features, films and programmes that will address issues related to Uzbekistan’s history, literature, culture and arts.

The organization is involved in book-publishing activities with the primary focus on works exploring various themes related to Uzbekistan’s history, traditions, arts, literature and other manifestations of the intellectual achievements of the Uzbek people.

In collaboration with its partner organization, the You Are Not Alone charitable organization, the Karimov Foundation supports programmes focusing on improving the lives of vulnerable orphans and children with disabilities in Uzbekistan, helping them to realize their full potential and ensuring that their rights are upheld and respected.

The Harmonist

Ms Karimova-Tillyaeva is the visionary behind The Harmonist, a recently-launched maison de parfums inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. The new brand offers 11 signature scents, which reflect the dual nature of Yin and Yang, the traditional Chinese concept of empowering your inner self and your whole body by bringing it into harmony with the world around you. Created by a well-known French perfumer using the finest natural ingredients from around the world, the sophisticated signature scents embody the five elements regarded as the building blocks of all natural phenomena – metal, fire, earth, water and wood. The Harmonist’s first boutique debuted in Paris in February 2016 followed by a store in Los Angeles which was launched in March the same year.

In accordance with the brand’s philosophy, The Harmonist is committed to sponsoring philanthropic causes aimed at developing effective solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, such as providing clean and safe drinking water in developing countries, ensuring the durability of clean water sources, increasing community awareness about water conservation and developing training materials for education about sanitation and hygiene.